Types of skirts every girl should know !

Skirts are loved for their versatility. Whether it is a western top or a traditional kurti, you can pair a skirt with almost everything. Have you ever thought the varieties in skirt styles available nowadays? Yes, there is more to the minis and long skirts. Let us understand them in detail.

1) Broomstick Skirt : Also known as ‘the skirt with creases, this one normally comes in knee length or lower sizes. Paired with a simple short top, this skirt has the ability to make you all glamorous.

2) Bubble Skirt : As the name suggests, this playful variety usually comes with an elastic waistline and ends before the knees. You can go for printed bubble skirts for daily wear or can go for the ones in satin and velvet for parties.online tops for women

3) Pencil Skirts: Usually wore during formally these are body hugging skirts that end up at the knees. They hug your legs closely and can pose a problem for some while walking.

4) Sarongs : Also known as wrap around skirts for women, these are designed in way that they drape around your waist and are tied up at the end of your hip. These look ultra cool and are more suited for casual get-together s.

5) Tube Skirt : Almost similar to pencil skirts, with the only thing that makes them different is the material used. Tube skirts come in elastic material and usually end up before the knees. Giving you more comfort while walking you can wear them up at both casual and formal outings.online women shrugs