Decoding The Jeans Lingo To Help You Buy A Fitting Pair

Whether it is a casual date out or you are out for an important meeting, a good pair of jeans can always make or break a situation. However, getting the right pair often becomes difficult as we often get confused with the jargons that come attached to them. We at decode the denim lingo for you.

1) Low Rise Jeans - As the name suggests, low rise jeans are those pair of pants that sit low on or even below the hip area. These are usually 3 inches lower than the belly button. You can also find them under names like low cut jeans, low riders and hipsters. These give you the best casual fit, however, are better suited for people having a slim body frame. If you are heavy around your hip area go for medium rise (jeans button at the navel) or high rise jeans (jeans button a little over the navel) as they cover your bottoms well.

2) Boot Cut - These jeans are designed specifically keeping in mind that the wearer will be using boots. These jeans are narrow throughout, thus giving you a skinny look with a very little flare at the bottom. Boot cuts are good options for people with a good height and a slim body frame.

3) Straight Jeans - These are spacious of all jeans and have relatively the same size in the thighs as the ankles. The best part about them – they don’t sculpt any part of your body but provide you with a room to move around in ease. If you are someone who find jeans constricting his movement, these are the ones you should go for.

4) Flare - Though popular in the nineties, flare jeans have again become a popular commodity. These are wider than boot cut in the thighs area and flare up a bit under the knees. These are good for almost every body type and give you an exaggerated look.

5) Skinny -  Hugging your curves, this is the only jeans out in the market that accentuates your body to its best. These are a trim pair of pants (from the thighs to the ankles) leaving less area to wiggle. Nowadays, good brands offer skinny jeans in a stretchable fabric so that you don’t feel stiff. A point to note here is that you should wash these jeans often to ensure that they maintain their shape for a longer period of time.

6) Slim fit - These jeans fit you like skinny jeans but have better room in the thigh and crotch area. These are little relaxed around the ankle area but still give a fitting look to your body. If you are slim but your legs are a bit bulky then this is the jeans for you. Overall, they suit people having an average body frame.

7) Wash - This variety of pants has nothing to do with fits but refers to the colouring process of the jeans. You can find them in varieties like dark, medium or light, depending upon the overall colour and finish they provide to the jeans.